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Industrial floors and ramps in STRONG quality

- with an eye for environmentally friendly quality

Customized solutions for industry

Excellent Systems' products for industry are a system that can be adapted to the vast majority of needs. The products are acid-resistant, have great load-bearing capacity and can be easily rebuilt.
All the products are available with both the extra anti-slip GRIP surface and in the HARD type, which is particularly suitable for heavy vehicles. 

See and read more about our products below: 

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Danish production with a strong focus on the environment

  • Danish production at our own factory in Djursland
  • Recycling of used products in own factory
  • Non-toxic materials
  • A ramp and tile system that can easily be adapted to existing buildings, so that conversion is not an issue

Circular economy is smart business

There are many advantages to sustainable production, and there are both resources and money to be saved. Over the years, we have succeeded in recycling almost everything from our daily production. We usually say that the only waste we have is that which comes from the canteen. Already back in 1996, we started using the cooling water from our production machines to heat our office premises. In this way, we save both water, electricity and heat. 

We also work with circular economy in production. When Excellent products are no longer used by our customers or are worn out, we offer to collect them again. We wash and grind the end-of-life products into new molding granules. We even have our own CO2-neutral washing machine, which uses rainwater to prepare the plastic. We then use the regenerated granules directly in the production of new, smart products. This of course also applies to small residues and waste during production.