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Loading ramps for your freight terminal

If you ship packages in a van, you have most likely experienced that the height between the van and the freight terminal does not match. The freight terminal is built after a truck, which makes it difficult to get in and out with packages for the van from a freight terminal.

We have chosen to focus on this by creating a green and transportable solution for those of you who have vans that need to load the car with packages.

The practicality of our transportable loading ramp is that you, as a van driver, can use the freight terminal anywhere if you have the loading ramp with you or it is at your central parcel distribution. When your transportable loading ramp is not in use, you can easily move it to the side so that your truck driver still has room to back into the freight terminal. 

Better conditions at the cargo terminal and the van

Our loading ramps make it easier for you to access the freight terminal when you park your van to receive packages for shipping.

The loading ramps are made of strong material that can withstand up to 10 tonnes of pressure and are easy to move around after use.

The ramps are made of environmentally friendly materials that can be regenerated into new products after use and are cheap to operate, as the ramp is in a modular system that can be replaced in simple parts. This means you don't have to go out and buy a new loading ramp.


Loading ramp I


30 cm


225 cm


100 cm

Loading ramp II


30 cm


425 cm


100 cm

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If you have freight terminals where you have vans that need to be able to be easily loaded with packages, then we are ready to help you with a solution for a better workflow between the freight terminals and vans.

If you have several freight terminals, you can fill in our contact form so that we can make you an offer.

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Solutions of loading ramps