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Ramp for industrial doors or door rails

Doors with a step or rail can be hard on your body when you use a pallet lifter to pull back and forth over a bump, as it can increase the risk of shoulder injuries from frequent repetitions. The Norwegian Working Environment Authority recommends that, as far as possible, you stick to an even surface without too many obstacles when using a pallet lifter.

When it comes to ramps for door steps or door rails, we are specialists in smooth transitions when you use a pallet lifter.

Our ramps are durable and can be adapted to the door's design and substrate. We have been working with industrial ramps since 1992 and have built up solid experience, which we use to adapt the ramps to your needs.

Easier workflow when pulling your pallet truck

Our ramps can be installed from a height of 4mm to the desired height that you need your ramp for. The ramp is held in place by the door using our QuickLocks and QuickPads.

When installing a ramp to an edge, we recommend that you make your ramp to be between 8-12% slope, to avoid that your pallet truck will not wear on the edge when driving up the ramp or risks that it will come to rest on the "stomach".

At Spektrum in Odder, you can see an example of our ramp solution at a fire door, which provides easier working conditions for getting over the edge with a pallet lifter.

Our ramps are permitted to be installed next to a fire door, as they melt in the event of a fire, and at the same time the door can still be closed and thus provide free passage for the emergency exit. 

Another method to eliminate the risk of the pallet lifter coming to rest on its "belly" is by using our ramp platform. It is built in such a way that it has a smaller ramp to a platform where it can drive on before coming up to the next ramp above the door step. This means that the pallet lifter does not come over an edge that is too steep and gets stuck.


Do you have control over the slope when driving over a ramp?

The slope of the ramp can have an effect on whether your truck or pallet lifter will rock on the edge of the ramp.

We are specialists in making ramps for industry where there is heavy traffic.

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