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Ramps for heavy traffic

A raised edge, where a ramp is installed, over which a truck or heavier load has to go, it can be challenging for the ramp to hold the weight when a truck or similar has to drive up the ramp. Certain ramps, such as aluminum, end up bending under the wheels of the truck, and thus need to be replaced with a new ramp. When the ramp no longer matches the height of the edge, it could damage the truck's wheels and shake the pallet, which could cause the goods on the pallet to fall off.

With our ramp system, we ensure that your ramp can withstand the weight when you drive up with the truck, as our ramp system can withstand a 63-tonne tank driving up our ramp. You therefore do not have to think about whether there is too much weight on the ramp. Our ramps are an effective solution that can withstand heavy weight and are easy to replace in smaller parts should damage occur to the ramp. Our system is built up of environmentally friendly modules. This makes it cheaper to maintain your ramp, and you don't have to go out and change the entire ramp section.

The ramp is available in different colors that mark the driving area or danger signal.

HARD fliser og rampe kan håndter tunge maskiner

Ramps made of the material HARD

Heavy traffic – truck, pallet truck
  • Ramps and floor in the HARD-range can withstand daily traffic and remains a simple and manageable solution due to the floor's low weight.
  • Many alternatives must be replaced completely if defective.
    With HARD-ramps and floor tiles, defective parts can be replaced quickly and easily.
Great adaptability
  • The resilience, adaptability, light weight and cost-effectiveness do the HARD-range for the obvious ramp choice. The ramps are available in warning colors that provide optimal visibility.
Tung trafik kan køres på Excellent Systems ramper


Do you have control over the slope when driving over a ramp?

The slope of the ramp can have an effect on whether your truck or pallet lifter will rock on the edge of the ramp.

We are specialists in making ramps for industry where there is heavy traffic.

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Solutions of ramps for heavy traffic