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About Excellent Systems A/S

Excellent Systems is a Danish company, located at Djursland in Denmark, which has been in existence since 1992. For us, good products, non-toxic and recyclable materials, and responsible production are not only good business, they are also common sense.

As a result, from the outset we have created a circular way of working that impacts the environment as little as possible. You can read more about our working with circular economy as well as approach to environment here..

In 1992 we started producing flooring for industry. These mats are specially designed to protect the backs and legs of workers who, for example, stand on factory floors and work. You can see more about these products on our website with solutions for industry here. Our production then expanded to produce anti-slip ramps and flooring for use in wet areas, such as bathrooms, or in greasy working environments with e.g. oil.

Fabrik tegning over Excellent Systems

Excellent Systems is all about accessibility

In 1996, we expanded production to create sustainable, non-toxic solutions for the rehabilitation sector. In fact, our flexible ramps and mats are unique in the accessibility field. We are proud to contribute to sustainable accessibility around the world. Over the years, we have developed a good working relationship with dealers all over the world. You can see an overview of our dealers here.

We also produce frost-proof spacers, PaveSpacers, for coating. These belong to products from the series we call PaveSystems, which is aimed at contractors, landscapers and similar businesses. The series ensures identical and durable spacing between tiles, for local rainwater drainage and traditional use. For roof terraces, balconies and terraces we offer our strong, stackable tile feet; PavePads. The smart tile feet are a tile foot that makes it easy, cheap and flexible to level your tile and wood flooring. 

The material we work with is always the same: polyethylene plastic, PE, which consists entirely of hydrogen (hydrogen) and carbon (carbon). This means that our products, whether it's a ramp, a tile crossing or something else entirely, are always made from 100% non-toxic plastic. We operate with the subcategories PELD, which is the soft plastic for e.g. QuickRamps or the hard version, PEHD, for e.g. PavePads. You can read more about material and production here..

PE is very strong and can withstand tons of trucks. You can therefore rest assured that all Excellent Systems' ramps and solutions can hold all the wheelchairs and walkers you want. 

Ole direktør for Excellent Systems

Own inventions, locally produced

All Excellent Systems products are produced at our factory in Mørke, Denmark. They are also invented here, as it is our very own Director, Ole Frederiksen, who has designed and developed our products. You can see an overview of who we are.

We are committed to reducing our consumption of raw materials, energy and how much waste we produce. That's why we work with circular economy.. For example, we reuse the excess hot water from our production to heat our office building, and recycles discarded products to new, smart solutions.

At Excellent Systems we pride ourselves on our workplace, our work and that all employees thrive in a good working environment. You can follow us at Facebook to find out more about who we are, how we work and what we do.

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Protect your flooring with strong, frost-resistant spacers from PaveSystems. The solution ensures identical and durable spacing between tiles. For local rainwater drainage and traditional use.

Does your company work in manufacturing, freight or other industries? With anti-slip work floors, heavy traffic ramps and work platforms, you ensure a safe and efficient working environment.