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Questions and answers within stairs and floors

Here you will find questions and answers to the most common questions we receive about our solutions.
We have divided them into sections according to the rewarding solution area.
If you need help and couldn't find an answer here, contact us by email or phone.


Our tile system is designed with a click function that makes it easy and quick to lay the floor for your work area or corridor. You place your tiles one after another, which are held in place with our C-Lock, which is already pre-installed in the tiles.

If there are machines, posts or crooked walls that prevent you from laying the floor flat, you can easily cut our tiles to fit your environment. You can either use a handsaw or a jigsaw, which we recommend.

If you are still unsure how to solve the task, get in touch with our fitter, who can guide you through the process.

Our HARD tiles can withstand 10 tons of pressure from a truck if driven with rubber tires with air, otherwise it is 2-3 tons if they are narrow and hard wheels.

The difference between GRIP and HARD is that the HARD system can be used for trucks and pallet lifts, while the GRIP system is for walking, as GRIP cannot be used for trucks or pallet lifts.

You can combine our HARD and GRIP systems together. HARD is used for areas with heavy traffic, while GRIP can be laid out for areas where there are only walking employees.


You first measure the width and height of the step, as well as any length for your new ramp.
Our system is designed to be easy to install. It works with a click function between the tiles, and when you have to build on top, you can use our Lock to hold them together. It also means that you don't need different kinds of tools but simple pieces.

For these ramps, instructions have been made for both adjustment in height and width, but also attachment to the substrate.

You can also order installation of the ramp, and our specialized fitters adapt the ramp to your building.

We aim to provide the best possible service for everyone and have the climate in all our considerations. Therefore, we recommend that you take pictures and measurements of the area where you will install your ramp. This allows our salesperson to make an offer to you, whereupon we plan a trip out to you to install your ramp.

Our assembly price per hour is DKK 650.

If you want a ramp with a landing in front of the door, a little more measurements are needed than usual. In the vast majority of cases, there will also be a need for further adaptation of the ramp itself during setup. Here we advise you to contact us by phone or mail for a chat about your options.

When Excellent Systems' ramps are mounted inside on wood, tiles, concrete etc., the ramps are mounted with plate plugs with tape. The tape can be easily removed from all surfaces and does not leave marks on the substrate. Unlike other types of ramps, your floor or substrate will therefore not be damaged when you use Excellent Systems' ramps.

In the case of a container, you must pay attention to its locks when you measure the width of your ramp.
Measurement must be measured from the corner of the container to the lock and from the lock to the next lock to the end of the container. After you have measured the width of the container, you must also pay attention to the height of the container's locks and swing width.

If you need further help, you can reach out to our salesman, which can help you through.

General information about floors and ramps

Our system is thoroughly tested and can easily hold up to a pallet lifter or truck.

Our HARD tiles can withstand 10 tons of pressure from a truck if driven with rubber tires with air, otherwise it is 2-3 tons if they are narrow and hard wheels.

Our system can withstand oil and diesel oil as well as the known acids and alkaline agents. If you are working with oil, you can safely use our system. We recommend that you use our GRIP system as a base when there are greasy surfaces, as it provides a better foothold when working.

You must be aware that when there is ice, the tiles are slippery. Therefore, remember to salt the tiles if they are installed in areas where there are sub-zero temperatures.

Our tiles and ramps can withstand being outside and withstand high temperatures.

The ramps and tiles can withstand temperatures down to -50 degrees and up to 100 degrees.

Our products are UV resistant, which means that they will not become porous or lose color when the sun is baking or if there is a lot of traffic on them.

Should the accident happen where a tile or a corner breaks, you can easily have them replaced without having to lay a whole new covering or ramp.

Our system is module-based, which means that if a corner breaks, you only replace the broken corner.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to write on the tiles. If a special text or color is desired, contact our salesperson so that we can create a solution for you.

PE products are acid-resistant and corrosion-free, and can withstand all kinds of common cleaning agents. The elements can be cleaned with e.g. a high-pressure cleaner or, if possible, in a normal dishwasher.

Generel information

PE plastic is environmentally friendly, according to DTU studies. They have shown that the plastic does not emit dangerous and toxic gases in case of fire, as many other ramps made of rubber, for example, do.

Our ramps and tiles are surface insulated. You can read more about our test at tests & certificates

Our GRIP system has received an annotation on DIN norm 51130 with the rating R12 "The second highest distinction for anti-slip".

We provide a 15-year warranty on our products if they are fitted and installed correctly.

You can easily install our system at a fire door.

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