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HARD tiles protect your floor

Our HARD tiles can protect your floor against wear and streaks from heavy loads and heavy traffic. Whether it is coated with an epoxy floor, concrete floor or other industrial floor, damage and wear marks will appear on your floor over time, which may require repair of the floor. Our HARD tiles can be laid on top of your existing floor and protect it from wear marks and damage. Dust and dirt collect at the holes under the tile, so it is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

If you have a production hall where there is both heavy traffic and walking employees, you can combine our HARD and GRIP tiles. HARD tiles are for heavy traffic, while GRIP tiles are used for walking employees for better work safety in production when moving around.

HARD tiles

In the start-up phase, when you want to lay your HARD floor, we recommend that you start from a corner and work out from there. Our floor is easy to work with, as the tiles are made according to the click principle. This means that you can quickly and easily lay out your floor, which will be used for the work area you drive your truck on.

The tiles are produced in polyethylene, which is a durable material that can handle heavy traffic and dusty work. The tiles can handle the known cleaning agents when cleaning.

Our HARD tiles can withstand 10 tons of pressure from a truck if driven with rubber tires with air, otherwise it is 2-3 tons if they are narrow and hard wheels.

If you have a larger work area where you need to lay a floor, you can contact us for an offer.

We can ship the tiles to you or we can come out and install them for you.

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Practical information

Replacement of tiles

The great advantage of Excellent-System's products is that 1m² consists of 16 tiles, which is why you Do NOT replace the entire surface, but only the worn or damaged tiles.

The coupling system in our tiles makes it easy to change individual tiles or strips of tiles. You simply grab the individual tile, pull it up and put a new one down in the couplings. If it is a row that needs to be changed, you simply pull the strip up and put a new strip down.

Maintenance and replacement

HARD tiles are a manageable solution to protect your floor from damage and wear. Should it happen that a tile is damaged or destroyed, it can easily be replaced with a new tile. In order to avoid that the tiles are damaged for a long time, we recommend that you make a maintenance plan for the floor to ensure that it lies as it should and has not damaged the tiles.

Strong product withstands strong cleaning

HARD floors made of PEHD can withstand cleaning with all known cleaning agents, including commonly used acids and bases, high-pressure cleaning and hot water cleaning. The tiles can withstand cleaning in dishwashers and autoclaving with steam at 130 °C.


If you have questions about how much or how the installation takes place, please contact us. We are ready to help you from ordering to installation.

If you need an offer for a project you plan to build, write to us so that we can come up with a solution together for better working conditions for your colleagues.

We are specialists in making floors for industry where there is heavy traffic.

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Installed HARD tiles