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Ramps for containers and boxes

Containers or boxes are usually raised above the ground, where a ramp must be used to get up and down with a truck or pallet lifter. The challenge with a container is its locking arm, which is prevented from opening and closing when there is a ramp in front of the door.

With our ramp system, you avoid the problem of opening and closing your container. Since our system is built in such a way that the lower part of the ramp is fixed under the door, while the upper part can be moved to the side when the container door needs to be opened and closed.

If there is an accident, our system also has the advantage that it is easy to replace in smaller parts, as it is built up in a modular system where you can replace the individual tile, which means that maintenance is made cheaper, as you do not have to go out and get a brand new ramp for the container.

Gaffeltruck kører på Excellent Systems rampe

Container as a storage room

We can adapt the ramp to all types of containers and height and thus create a better working relationship with your colleagues.

Our ramps for containers have the advantage that they can hold up to a weight of 10 tonnes if it is a truck with pneumatic rubber wheels, and 2-3 tonnes if the truck has narrow and hard wheels.

When the ramp is built, we recommend that there be at least 150 cm in width to ensure that there is free width for the truck to drive up without having to drive out next to the ramp.

The base for the ramp must be a firm surface such as concrete, tiles or asphalt, as other soft surfaces will cause the ramp to sink when pressure is applied from the truck.

Vores ramper er bygget op af miljøvenlige og stærke materialer, der gør, at de kan holde til al slags vejr og slid. Hvis rampen skulle få skader eller ikke længere er i brug, kan den blive sendt til regenerering, som bliver vasket og kværnet til nye produkter. Dermed mindsker vi spild af jordens ressourcer.

Rampen tilpasses til trinets højde
Container rampe
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If a truck is to be driven in the container, we often need answers to these questions:
  • What load is expected to pass on the ramp?
  • What width do you want on the ramp? Max is normally 225 cm.
  • How high should the ramp be, i.e. is the container lifted above the pavement in front?
  • What coating is there in front of the container?
  • Should the ramp be fixed to the container or moved around?
  • Should the container be locked like a normal shipping container?

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Solution of ramps for containers