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Work platform for better working posture

It may happen that some employees are challenged in relation to fitting the given working height to which the machine or table is installed. The platform that we have developed can be adjusted according to the individual person's height or for several people. We can make the workstation as a single platform or make it in step-level for several users, so that you avoid having to acquire several different height platforms for workstations.

The work platform can be covered with HARD or GRIP tiles, depending on the type of shoes the user wears and the work situation.

Brug ikke GRIP-fliser til rullende genstande, da det beskadiger piggene.
Til arbejdsstationen skal du derfor bruge HARD-fliser.

The platform can be designed according to the rewarding work situation

Workstations vary in height according to the given employee who is standing at a station where the height is fixed. Our platform is designed and has a solution-friendly method for better working height for the individual employee. The platform can be built to the desired height or cut to suit the surroundings so that it fits the workstation.

As can be seen on the right, we have chosen two examples where the work platform is raised with either a steel platform or with pallet frames. Both platforms can be unsuitable for the feet, which get tired and also give strain to the back, as the bottom is firm and does not provide a cushioning effect for the feet and back. Our tiles are designed with a cushioning effect for the feet, which means that you reduce fatigue and strain on the back when you stand and work at the machine.

If you have questions or need further information about our platforms, you can fill out our contact form, after which you will be contacted by our installers, or you can call us at 8637 7133.




If you have questions about our work platform or how to find the right solution for a work platform, you can contact us so that we can guide and guide you in the best possible solution for a work platform. Whether it is at a machine or at a workstation, we are ready to help you.

You can contact us at +45 86 37 71 33 or fill out our contact form.

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