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Cable ramps

If you are looking for a ramp that can protect your cables against heavy loads from trucks and vehicles, then you can use our cable ramp, which can be adapted to your needs. Our cable ramps can be laid according to the thickness of the cables and the number of cables that the ramp must protect. Our ramps have the advantage that they can be adjusted according to the slope. So if you want a flat slope for an easier transition and want to protect your cables, you can safely use our cable ramps.  

The cable ramps can hold up to 10 tonnes if it is a truck with pneumatic rubber wheels, and 2-3 tonnes if the truck has narrow and hard wheels.

The cable ramps are available from 75 cm in width to 150 cm in width, or we can make a wider ramp according to your needs, so that it fits your work exactly. 

Beskyt kabellerne med vores kabelføring rampe

Hide and protect your cables

With our HARD series, it is possible to build ramps for heavy traffic, which simultaneously protect and store your cables. Our cable ramps are built with the function that there is a door over the cables that you can easily take off and on without having to fix it to the ramp. This gives you easy access to add or remove cables that no longer need to be there.

Easily pull cables, hoses and pipes through the ramps. The cables can be laid in two "bays" to prevent them from being pressed together into a large line of cables and from overheating due to too tight joints.

The ramp is a light and durable solution that can be easily maintained and built larger if needed. If the ramp should risk getting a defective part, it can be quickly and easily replaced, as our ramps are produced in a modular system.

You can rent our cable ramp over a weekend or for a longer period according to your needs.


If you have cables lying on the floor, and if you have pallet lifts or machines that need to be moved over, you can use our cable ramps.

If you have questions about how steep or how high it should be, you can contact us. We are ready to help you through the process.

We are specialists in ramps and the best possible ramp slope for heavy haulage.

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